Life update : Blog, website, company and future plans

I have been away and inactive on the web for a while, and I wanted to give an update about my whereabouts and future plans.

Vicarious Systems

The first update is that I started a new company – Vicarious Systems. Some of you know this already from my website. My cofounder and I raised a venture round and we have been heads down working since then. I am very excited about the new brain-inspired A.I algorithms we are building. We will provide more details when we formally launch the company sometime in early 2011. You can sign up on our website,, to be notified when we launch. 

This also means that I am no longer at Numenta. I still remain very interested in Numenta’s success and wish them all the best.

Lab visits

I have also been active giving talks at labs and universities. I visited the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico and had very interesting conversations with Garrett Kenyon, Louis Bettencourt and others. I gave a talk at the Redwood center on the connection between retrograde signaling in neurons and sequence learning. I took off for India in November and visited the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. My recent talks were all around the theme of ‘how to reverse engineer the brain’ with specifics on combining insights from machine learning and engineering with neuroscience. One of the talks was titled “How to build a brain without solving it”. I have been consolidating my thoughts on this and I will be writing more about this in the future.

Blog and website moving

One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting frequently is the amount of comment spam my blog was generating. So, instead of running my own wordpress and wiki installations, I decided to move my blog and website to Posterous. The new website will be centered on the blog which will be directly linked to when the conversion is complete. My next few posts will go to both my wordpress installation and my posterous site. (Thanks to posterous for making this very easy). I will move completely over to posterous by mid February. Please update your feed address if you are accessing my blog via RSS.

Wish you all a Happy New Year.





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3 Responses to Life update : Blog, website, company and future plans

  1. Dave says:

    Great to hear from you! Best of luck on the new venture, and adventure!

  2. Mir says:

    hi dileep,

    nice to find your blog and share the thoughts about ml and neuroscience.

    very best wishes for your new company!

    can you elaborate more why you left Numenta. I planned to start some commercial product based on Numenta’s software and you were probably main algorithmic force there, so it I would be very interesting to here more about the reasons you left.


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