New paper by Dr. Davide Maltoni

Just read a paper, Pattern Recognition by Hierarchical Temporal Memory, from Dr. Davide Maltoni. It is a very impressive extension of the work I did as part of my PhD thesis. The paper does a rigorous performance comparison of HTM networks against other techniques on a variety of datasets. I am also really happy to see the Pictures data set that I had developed being used here as a benchmark. 

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  1. Pete says:

    Wow, congrats! Left the competition in the dust!

    Is there anything you can tell us about how the algorithms you are developing compare/contrast to those you worked on at Numenta and/or the ones they are currently working on?

    • dileep says:

      Pete, thanks. At Vicarious we are approaching it in a very different way. Once we find a biological principle that we think is useful, we analyze it from a mathematical/computational view point. We ask what is the best way to implement it on computers without emulating all the biological detail. Our mathematical approach helps in coming up with efficient algorithms and better training methods. Probably that is all I should say for now :-) .

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